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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Questions and Answers

On Monday I invited you to come back today to see other ways of altering books.  You'll have to wait until Friday.

Instead I thought today I would answer questions that have been on my personal Facebook page and in the group.  Plus I've added some!  I think because this is the third time I've done a monthly challenge blog I haven't been as clear as I might have been.  So here goes.

How many pages are we going to need in the book we are altering?
There 31 separate topics and if you are going to take part every day then you will need at least 31 pages.  31 pages if you are doing a single page for each day.  However you may want to have a few more pages in case some days you want to do a double page spread in response to the topic. 

The topics can be found here.   You may have already downloaded this Itinerary from a previous blog post.

What happens if I can't keep up every day?
Life happens, so work on each page as you can.  Each day there is a PDF to download with all the information on it for that day.  Download it and keep it until you find the time.   The project doesn't have to be finished by July 31st.

Do you do all the folding of pages etc first before you know what or how you are going to decorate book? 
I have folded mine and not decorated it ahead of the topics. You can stick your pages down and gesso if you wish.   Each day will have a different technique challenge so I have left mine just folded as there maybe techniques that don't work well on gesso.

Do I need to fold as many pages as you in my book?
No fold as many or as few pages to suit you.  You can always fold more as we go through the project.

Do I have to fold all the pages first?
No you don't.  However if you don't then every other day you will have to decide how to fold the page.  Whereas by folding all the pages in advance, each day you just have to choose how you are going to deal with the page in front of you!

What if I can't find an old atlas or book of maps to use?
You can use any book. It just happens that I had an atlas. You can use an ordinary book and stick map paper in it.  Or use an ordinary book and not worry about the map element.

What about the cover?
I tend not to decorate the cover of my journals until the end of the project.  You can do yours whenever you feel it is appropriate.

If you have any other questions please put them in the comments below.
Thank you.