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Monday, 17 June 2013

Altered pages

As you know from this post I folded all my pages in my atlas ready for Passport to Art and I promised on this post to show you some other techniques.

Here I folded the first page in half and the second page as far as the first page.

And then tore the pages.
Of course you don't have to do the pages in pairs or triplets. You could do one page on its own.

Here I tore the first page a third of the way down and then fold the torn part over and folded the corners in and stuck them down.  I stuck this page to the page behind along the bottom and side edge to make a pocket.

In the previous post I showed you a folded page like this.

Which was then folded back on itself.

Instead of folding the page the second time you could glue the side and the bottom of the first fold to look like this.

And this fold can be glued down across the middle

to make pockets like this.

Instead of tucking the flaps underneath you could have them on the outside.

Added Tags
And lastly today here is a way to add tags.  This is in a set of three because the book could take 3 tags side by side.  Your book may take 4 or 2 - however many you decide.

If the page paper is thin you will need to glue 2 pages together for each tag you intend to add.

For 3 tags, cut the 3 pages the same size about an inch from the spine.  Attach each tag to each page as in the picture.

I hope you have found these extra alterations useful.  Come back on Wednesday and I will show you some other ways of altering books.