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Friday, 21 June 2013

More altered pages

The techniques I'm going to share with you today are not necessarily those suitable for the challenge blog but I thought I would show you them anyway.  You may be able to incorporate them into Passport to Art or maybe you will get caught up in the idea of altering books and these techniques will be useful.

I did these pages when I was doing the City & Guilds course Creative Sketchbooks with Design Matters.  This was way before I heard of Art Journaling.

Altering pages
This is a set of pages where I cut off part of the page once it had been painted and then found ways to sew the page back.

I painted some hand made paper and attached it to the sketchbook.  The paper was folded so that it became the same size as the sketchbook.

With the next page I remove a section of the page and used papers ahpes to glue it back together.

If you want to put openings into your pages you need to think ahead if you want the eye to focus on what can be see through the aperture.  With this series of pages there was a photo on the first left hand page and some patterned paper to view on the right.  On each page the aperture was cut smaller so that only a part of the photo could be seen as you turn the page.

The next set of pages involves put the 2nd page through the first page to look like this.

When you turn the page over you can see this.

However if you take the pages apart you get these.

I'd love to see what you come with in your altered books.